The 10 Most Heartfelt Compliments You Can Ever Give A Guy

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When you hear the word "compliment," it probably makes you think of all the sweet things that men say to their significant others, right?

Well, listen up ladies, because compliments are a two-way street. And, as it turns out, men love to hear them, too.

We're not just talking about the compliments that focus on their physical features, or their horizontal talents, either. We're talking about the most heartfelt compliments to give a man. 

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Not that men don't appreciate a good, "I'm still thinking about what you did to me this morning" text here and there (they asked me to make that clear), but there are sweet things you can say to him that really make him feel good.

Answers from men on the heartfelt compliments that make them swoon (when said to them by someone they love).

1. I'm proud of you.

"I love it when a girl I'm dating is genuinely interested in something I've accomplished, whether it's a song I wrote or a new piece of music equipment I'm working with." —Osito, 30

2. I like your friends.

"Listen, I know my friends can be total clowns. If a girl I'm dating goes out of her way to get to know them and actually tells me she likes them, that really means a lot to me." —Kevin, 29

3. This was such a good date.

"Planning a date can be really hard. When a girl I take out tells me that I did a good job and that she had the best time, it makes me feel like I totally nailed it." —Frank, 35

4. You're the best at... (fill in the blank)

"Guys are pretty competitive by nature, so being called the best at anything  kisser, massage giver, drink maker  makes a guy feel like they're unique and stands out from other males." —Rob, 30

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5. You're handsome.

"I don't know why, but being called handsome does it. It's definitely a word that's not used enough anymore." —Khad, 30

6. You're so motivated.

"If a girl is impressed with my level of charisma and motivation, that's great." —Andrew, 33

7. You make me feel safe.

"Short and simple, but speaks volumes and makes me feel like a superhero." —James, 30

8. What would I do without you?

"Especially when said after I do something like open a jar that's stuck or reach something on a shelf she can't get to. I know all you women are all about being independent these days, but guys like to feel needed every now and then." —Sam, 32

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9. I love spending time with you.

"It's nice to know that you're someone she wants to spend all her time with." —Patrick, 37

10. You're really funny.

"If I can make her laugh or smile, that's pretty much the best compliment." —Terence, 31

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