The LOL Guide To Finding Love At The Farmers' Market

farmers market

Trying to score a date at the farmers' market? Here are 7 dos and don'ts.

It looks like farmers' markets are really catching on in the US. The number of markets have quadrupled since the mid-nineties, according to the USDAThis is great since it means more people are getting local produce, eating healthy and helping cut down on pollution.

It also means that there is a whole new place in order to find your next love interest!. Who says you can't have your cake made with locally produced ingredients and fall in love, too? To help better your chances, we decided to gather ways to pick someone up at the farmers' market!


1. Ask, "So, who are some of your favorite vendors?"

Naturally starting a conversation is always the best way to score a date with someone new. Even if you are a regular at the market, ask who their favorite vendors are. Hopefully if the conversation goes on long enough it can lead to you guys talking about other things, including a phone number exhchange.

2. Ask, "Umm excuse me, what's that?"

You never know what new fruit or vegetable you'll come across. If a handsome stranger found that oddly-shaped purple vegetable before you, then you should ask him what it is. You can learn something new and meet someone new.

3. Ask, "I'm so tired of cooking ____, do you know any good recipes that use ____?"

It's more likely that the person you are pursuing is also into cooking since he or she cares about the ingredients he or she is using. Further your conversation by also asking for a new recipe idea! You never know, you might be invited over some time to enjoy a new dish.

4. Ask, "Have you tried (new green business, product, or healthy recipe)? I'm thinking about trying it."

Even if you already did try it, try to keep the conversation going with the person until you can find a way to naturally branch into a conversation that is more personal. This question also helps you find out how this person likes to spend his or her time.


1. Say, "I'd love to do a vegetable wash with you!"

This maybe advised by others, but very forward pickup lines are creepy.

2. Make sexual innuendos with any fruits or vegetables.

It's risky to assume others will have this type of sense of humor.

3. Bring up which foods are aphrodisiacs.

Settle down there buddy, this person is running an errand so sex is probably far from that person's mind at the moment.

Have you tried something that worked at a farmers' market? Let us know in the comments below!