Apply To Be Christian Grey's New Sex Goddess (Er, Intern)

Christian Grey app

Here's how to live out that secret 'Fifty Shades' fantasy of yours.

Anastasia Steele will probably go down in history as having the dream internship at Grey Enterprises Holdings. Filing invoices and fetching coffee orders? No, thanks. How about helicopter rides and lots of sheet-gripping, lip-biting sex with a debonair billionaire? (I know, life is so unfair.)

And ever since you finished your copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey, you've probably been wondering to yourself, "Damn. How do I get an internship like THAT?"

Rest assured ladies, someone (with some tech-savvy skills) has heard our collective prayers. In promotion for the upcoming flick, Universal just released The Fifty Shades Of Grey Internship Program app.

First, you have to register by signing a nondisclosure agreement. (Sound familiar? It's the same creepy, borderline illegal one Mr. Grey had Ana sign.) Next, as an intern for Grey Enterprises Holdings, you're asked to "complete tasks" to earn "rewards" (insert immature giggling here). But by rewards, we mean unlock exclusive content from the movie.

We could only fantasize what those "tasks" are, but an unnamed source involved in the making of the app gave us a sneak peek at what else you can expect by signing up, "People can be interns and do tasks for Grey, like get coffee, proofread documents, take pictures of their favorite shoes, and they get rewards for doing stuff such as badges, exclusive content, and a few surprises."

Surprises? Sounds sexy. Right now, it's only available on the App Store, but Android users can expect to see it come soon #wink.

Sadly, handcuffs are (probably) not included.