Woman Learns She'll Be A First-Time Grandma, Loses Her Everloving Mind

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Woman Learns She'll Be A First-Time Grandma, Loses Her Everloving Mind

Every time you turn around, you're dreaming of what it would be like to be pregnant. And then, one day, it happens.

Even if he isn't happy about your pregnancy, or it's a big surprise, it's something you should celebrate with the ones you love.

When Lisa Englert presented her mother with a Valentine's Day card in 2014 from Lisa's unborn child, announcing that mama was going to become a first-time grandma, there's no way she could have anticipated her mom's reaction. 

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This pregnancy announcement lights up the internet for all the best reasons.

About this video, Lisa wrote, "We gave my mom a Valentine's Day card from our [unborn] baby to inform her that she was going to be a grandma. She originally thought it was a mean 'joke card' from our dog... once she realized it wasn't a joke, she couldn't contain her excitement."

Have you just seen such love and such joy come from someone who just found out that there is going to be a baby?

Watch the love and surprise as this mom finds out she is going to be a grandmom for the first time.

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The day that they decided to announce to her mother that she was actually pregnant, her mom was asking her all sorts of questions.

She said in the video's commentary, "At 1:30 (ish) she was asking me about a cyst I told her I had (but didn't) because she knew we had made a trip to the ER a month before this announcement. I was almost convinced that I had a cyst that ruptured, but the doctor told us that we were in fact going to be parents! After we heard that we were expecting, we had to have a cover-up story until we were ready to tell our family. Surprise, mom!"

As they had kept their little bundle of joy hidden up until this magical moment of utter shock and surprise, it was more of a shock and overwhelm to her mom than anyone would have anticipated.

Her mom was screaming with joy as the tears ran from her eyes. Lisa made her mom's dream of having a grandchild come true. The future grandmother was already full of love for the little one, and who wouldn't be overjoyed for the whole family?

In life, there is a special bond between a mother and a child that compares to no other, but there is something to say about a grandmother's relationship with their grandchild. There is an unprecedented amount of love that will last forever.

And we bet she has spoiled her grandchild every day since with all the love she can give, and more.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2014 and was updated with the latest information.