What Your Dream Of Being Pregnant Actually Means

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What Your Dream Of Being Pregnant Means

When I was 14, I dreamt that I had a baby bump under my dress, and that I was in the middle of my high school. My teachers were yelling at me for being a delinquent and they asked me what I had to say for myself.

I remember crying and saying that I was pregnant — and almost immediately after, I woke up in a cold sweat. It was terrifying, I felt vulnerable.

Afterwards, I immediately wondered what my dream meant. Did my dream of being pregnant actually mean I was going to get pregnant? Was it a bad omen? Was it something else entirely?

Around 70 percent of women regularly have dreams about pregnancy, so what gives?

I decided to take a look to find out what a dream about being pregnant actually stands for and signifies.

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Superstitions seem to be split. Are you superstitious? Well, you might want to get worried if you have this dream.

Personally, I’ve heard that giving birth in a dream is a signal of bad times to come. In most cases, it’s seen as a heavy burden to bear.

Other superstitions suggest that a pregnancy could be a good thing. It could mean getting a new beginning, or it could mean that you will be getting some riches. It all depends on the superstition you believe in.

On a psychological level, many people believe it’s a dream that represents your attitude towards creativity.

When people think of pregnancy, it’s usually about creating a life. Unsurprisingly, many dream interpreters believe that there’s a subconscious tie that tends to have us view pregnancy as a metaphor for creativity.

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For many people, being pregnant in a dream could be a sign that you want to embark on a new creative endeavor, business idea, or job.

Are you feeling creative? Have you been thinking about taking art classes or finally pursuing that book? This might be your mind’s way of saying “Go for it!”

If you’re already taking a creative turn in your life, dreaming about a pregnancy could be a sign that you feel proud of your work. You might want people to celebrate your accomplishments, and might have an urge to toot your own horn.

Dreaming of someone else’s pregnancy might be a sign that you admire that person’s creativity. If you feel jealous of their announcement, it also could be a sign that you wish that you could create something the way they do.

A deep-seated desire for kids may also be a reason because, let’s just face it, people tend to dream about what they want.

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The more you think about something or want something, the more likely it is that it will probably come across in your dreams.

If you have been desperately wanting to have a baby, it’s very possible that the dream is just your subconscious reflecting that wish. In some cases, it could also be a sign of anxiety.

Pregnancy can also be a sign of shame, if you don’t have a partner or if you're in a situation where people would judge you for having a kid. This is doubly true when you’re a teenager. After all, no one wants to be a teen mom; it’s a mark of shame.

Let’s take another look at that dream I had when I was a teenager, shall we? When I dreamt about my own pregnancy, I was not feeling a need to have a child. Rather, my dream was more or less showing that I was ashamed of my situation in high school.

On a similar note, women who are heavily tokophobic (tokophobia is "a pathological fear of pregnancy") or otherwise dislike kids might not want to dream of a pregnancy.

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For people who view a pregnancy as a bad thing, this dream could signal that you feel like you have a burden forced on you. You might also feel like you’re anxious about events you might not feel are in your control anymore.

Some people claim to have had a pregnancy dream when they became pregnant. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women who are pregnant have a tendency of dreaming of children or babies.

So, if you have been trying to conceive and feel like the dreams are a little bit too realistic, you may want to grab a pregnancy test if you believe old wives’ tales.

Of course, it could be nothing, too.

There’s no surefire sign to what dreams mean, and, at times, they don’t really mean anything at all. Being superstitious, dreams often show something that we don’t always see in real life.

However, that’s just that — a belief. Science doesn’t back up superstitions, you know.

So, if you’re having dreams about pregnancy and being pregnant, don't freak out. It could be anything, or nothing at all.

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