Awesome Things You Don't Know About Gracie Gold & Ashley Wagner

Gracie Gold And Ashley Wagner 2014 Olympics

See why these Olympians are our fave golden girls (other than Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia).

Obviously we're rooting for everyone on Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but we're especially excited about seeing Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner perform tonight. These two figure skaters aren't just super talented, athletic and pretty — they're also pretty awesome for a slew of other reasons listed here:

Gracie Gold isn't the only teen figure skater in her family!

She's got a fraternal twin sister, Carly, who's 40 minutes younger and is also a competitive figure skater. She's also Gracie's biggest cheerleader!


Gracie Gold may have persuaded you to get a charm bracelet.

Gold became a Pandora jewelry ambassador in 2013. Any bets on how many ice skating charms she has on her wrist?

Gold wants to make you smile ... and she wants to make your smile look good.

She dreams of becoming a physician or orthodontist someday!

She's been skating since before she could speak in full sentences!

Both Gracie and twin sister Carly Gold got their first taste of the sport when they were only two years old and their mom took them to frozen marshes. It's hard to tell if that's awesome or if it's child endangerment, but hey, it worked out.

Gold has a hidden talent that helps her relax before high-pressure events.

She calms her nerves before a competition by ... juggling. She even juggled lemons on The Tonight Show, which she described as "the weirdest thing" she's ever done. KEEP READING FOR FUN FACTS ABOUT ASHLEY WAGNER!

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