Discover The Perfect Flower For Your Special Someone


Did you know different flowers send different messages?

Are you struggling to know which flowers to give to the one you love? That's where we come in. YourTango has amassed the ultimate guide to the meaning of flowers. Follow our advice the next time you go to the florist, and you'll never go wrong.

Can't wait to see your honey? Send them bachelor's button. This lovely, bluish-purple flower, also known as cornflower (not to be confused with chicory), represents anticipation.

Send begonias when you're having deep thoughts of someone to let them know they're on your mind.

To show someone you are remembering them (we assume fondly), send them white carnations. On the other hand, if you want them to know you are grateful for them, send pink carnations.

If you'd like someone to know they have a secret admirer, yellow chrysanthemums are the ticket.

For the chivalrous types who want their honey to know it, try daffodils. Pair them with daises to show innocence.

To be forever remembered, send forget-me-nots (a little obvious, yeah, but they do the trick).

Another semi-obvious one is the passion flower, which conveys, you guessed it, passion!

If you want your sweetie to know you are overjoyed that they are in your life, send gardenias. However, if you need to give comfort, go with geraniums.

Experiencing first love? Then send lilac!

A bouquet of hydrangeas will convey the message that you will persevere (you know, if you've really screwed up).

Though ivy inspires fidelity, it can be difficult to arrange in a bouquet, so extra points to the guy or gal who works that one in!

Now let's get on to roses, which could have their own article:

Pink signifies friendship, while red stands for passionate love. Don't confuse the two!

While white alone symbolizes purity, pair it with red roses and you've got a message of unity.

And yellow roses are perfect for the zealous lover (nope, that's not a typo, we don't mean jealous) who won't be dissuaded.

Want to make a clear declaration of love? Send red tulips to make your point.

But beware: if you receive striped carnations, the object of your affection is refusing you (or they just like striped carnations, because why would a person refusing you give you flowers?).

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