10 Inspirational New Year's Quotes To Ring In The New Year

a couple kissing with champagne
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Let these ecards remind you of your resolutions all year long.

The new year is here! After clinking champagne glasses, dancing in confetti and maybe even sharing a kiss when the clock struck midnight, it's now time to bid our goodbyes to the past year— and take a moment to reflect on the relationships in our lives.

The new year means a fresh start, whether that means falling head over heels for someone new, refreshing the relationship you're already in or even learning to finally, wholeheartedly accept and love yourself. Either way, we suggest that this year, instead of losing 20 pounds or making that next big step in your career, you make it a resolution to simply love with an open heart. Now that's a resolution you can uphold each and every day!

Here are ten love quotes to keep you inspired to commit steadfastly to your resolutions from start to finish. (And don't forget to pin these ecards here or repin them from our Pinterest board.)

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open book
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