Romantic Novel Heroes With Unexpectedly Sexy Jobs

Jill Shalvis' Books: Romantic Heroes With Strangely Sexy Jobs

Think outside the box of shirtless firemen.

Written by Jill Shalvis for Bookish

In many romance novels, "man in uniform" is often shorthand for "hot." But, just because a romantic hero may pursue a less traditionally sexy path, doesn't mean he's not filled with the same passion that readers love. Jill Shalvis, author of the Lucky Harbor series — the latest release, Always On My Mind, hitting shelves now — details the jobs held by hot romance heroes that'll give cops and doctors a run for their money.

I love sexy occupations in my romance novels as much as the next reader — hello, firefighters, anyone? — but sometimes, being different is fun. In the book I'm writing now, Once In A Lifetime, my hero is an engineer. I know, I know — you're thinking slide rules and pencil protectors. But, I'm here to tell you a guy who is good with his brain and his hands can be just as hot! Especially since, in this case, my hero Ben spends his time rebuilding water systems in war-torn countries before coming back home to the States. He's dedicated and brave — and that's sexy, too.

While it's always fun to fantasize about traditional heartthrobs such as cops, firefighters, athletes and soldiers, often the quiet, intellectual heroes sneak up on us and grab our hearts when we least expect it. If, like me, you sometimes like to mix it up with brains over brawn, here are a few heroes who seem much too sexy for their occupation:

1. Sunrise Point

Tom Cavanaugh has come home to Virgin River to take over his family's apple orchard. The Virgin River series is filled with sexy working class heroes, but fertilizing and harvesting seem like particularly unlikely tasks. Nonetheless, as a former marine, Tom will sweep Nora off her feet.

2. Heartstrings And Diamond Rings

Brandon has taken over his grandmother's matchmaking business. So, in addition to having an occupation that's usually the province of a wide range of women from yenta to Patti Stanger, he loves his grandma. Awwhhh! Brandon's repeated attempts to find the perfect match for Allison will win her heart, and yours.

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