11 Touching Moments of Love With Therapy Animals

11 Touching Moments of Love With Therapy Animals

AKA, why animals win at life and love.

Animals have us beat when it comes to endless love and compassion. That's why they make the best therapy companions. From dogs to bunnies to horses, animals have a deeper well of love to draw from, making them perfect for the job.



They make hospital-calls
You guys can have the same hair style
They'll give you smooches
And the cutest pre-surgical consults around
And they'll-Oh my god! A pony!
Where was I? Oh yeah, therapy animals They're great for snuggles.
And are guaranteed to brighten your day
They'll stay with you through anything
They've even been known to ease depression and stress!
They can help you through tough times
And best of all, they stand by our wounded warriors