Must Love Dogs? What Women Think When You Don't Like Pets

couple with dog

Anyone who's a pet owner is likely to tell you they're not just a pet, but also a family member. As someone whose 9-year-old Jack Russell, Hubbell, is the light of my life, I agree with this sentiment a hundred times over and back again. If someone came into my life and wasn't a fan, or even worse, mean to my Hubbell, that person would be out the door in a matter of seconds. Hubbell will always come first.

We asked the ladies their thoughts on the topic. Is anyone willing to date someone who doesn't like their pets? Surprisingly, yes.

When it comes to my furry baby or you, you will lose.
"I made a list once of why I'm undateable and will be single forever. #1 was [is]: My cats were here before you and will always be more important than you," says Sarah, 33.

"I feel like this is a no-brainer. If I had a kid, would I put it up for adoption because I’m dating someone who doesn’t like kids? No. So, why would give up my dog? I’ll always love him more anyway,” says Jennie, 31.

"My cat comes first. Then my fish. They are not 'pets.' They are family. I could never date someone who doesn't like cats and dogs," says Tamara, 27.

Tolerance, at the very least, is necessary.

"The person I'm dating needs to at least tolerate my pets and be relatively nice to them. I get that some folks have allergies, and not everyone is going to like all animals, but I also tend to like people that love animals, so these things go hand in hand. Kick my dog (or even yell when it's uncalled for) and you're out," says Becky, 29.

There's a little bit of leeway when it comes to people who have allergies.
"Ordinarily I'd be a 'this pet was in my life before you sooooo bye!' person, but when I initially moved in with Ryan it was a no-pets apartment. He has an allergy to cats but was willing to live with Marley. My roommate at the time said he would gladly care for Marley for me, and she was already settled in that house so off I went.  

Then, two years later when we moved into a pet-friendly place, I said to ex-roommate that if he wanted, we could take Marley back, to which I was told, 'Uh... Marley's fine where she is ... and I love her... and she loves my bed…" So, I don't have my cat anymore. I do, however, still have a key to the place and visitation rights. Ryan and I adopted Belle, our Catahoula-Pit mix together and she's our baby now," says Colleen, 30.

"There really isn't much I could care less about than the person that I'm dating's pet. So I don't care what they think of mine," says Kate, 31.

And of course, the straight-up weird.
"Someone I was dating became jealous of my cat. That was a problem. And it was a little strange," says Autumn, 25.

How about you? Do your pets come first, too? Tell us in the comments below.