11 Celebrity Men With Notoriously Big Penises

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11 Celebrity Men With Notoriously Big Penises

Size does matter, especially when you've got the biggest penis in Hollywood. Many of these sexy celebrity men have had their size confirmed by exes, co-stars and groupies, while others are simply speculation.

Take Jon Hamm, for example. Yes, he's on our list, though he's not exactly a fan of all this talk surrounding his "tent pole."

"They're called 'privates' for a reason," he told Rolling Stone. "I'm wearing pants, for f***'s sake. Lay off. I mean, it's not like I'm a f***ing lead miner. There are harder jobs in the world. But when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my c*ck, I feel like that wasn't part of the deal... But whatever. I guess it's better than being called out for the opposite."

Take a breath, Jon! Though we can't blame him for hating the body comments, actresses have been on the receiving end of it for years.

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And now, we're turning the tables.

Join us as we investigate the stories behind the celebrity men with large penises.

1. Orlando Bloom

Recently, Bloom was vacationing in Italy with Katy Perry, and went completely nude while paddleboarding.

The pictures leaked online, but a lot of people were calling attention to the shadow of his penis on his leg. We're sure Perry is NOT disappointed.

2. Justin Bieber

We all remember PenisGate, right? When pictures of Bieber on vacation found their way to the internet, and everyone freaked out at how the music sensation was packing serious heat?

Let's just say, it's more than a mouthful. And he's certainly made us beliebers.

3. Joe Manganiello

We know we have to take the "Big Di*k Richie" scenes in Magic Mike with a grain of salt, but that doesn't mean those scenes were extremely exaggerated, either.

Joe Manganiello shows the character's nickname is based on some truth when his "star" appears as a silhouette behind a screen as well as another scene involving a close-up and a pump, which is rumored to be a prosthetic. Channing Tatum, though, said it was true. 

What does Joe say? "You know, I love the curiosity. I am reveling in the curiosity." Us, too!

4. Mark Wahlberg

He teased us with a prosthetic in Boogie Nights, but Mark Wahlberg really has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the penis department. We've seen his Calvin Klein underwear ads, and that's not a sock in there.

5. Michael Fassbender

When George Clooney comments on your penis size on stage at the Golden Globes, you know you've got something special. After Clooney won the award for Best Actor in a Drama over Fassbender (who went nude for his role in Shame), he joked that Michael could play golf with his hands behind his back.

Even Prometheus co-star Charlize Theron had a few words for Michael's Fass-member, saying, "Your penis was a revelation. I'm available to work with it anytime." So are we.

6. Tommy Lee

This is no secret, really. When Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape leaked in 1995, it became a major controversy and scandal among Hollywood. The then-married couple clearly had a great sex life, made evident by Lee's gigantic package.

7. Jay-Z

Many sources — ahem, groupies (sorry, Bey!) — have revealed the Jigga man has an above-average penis. One former groupie allegedly spilled, "The biggest [penis] you will ever see in your life, but boring. Huge. Like a one-liter Pepsi bottle. What do you call those things? The 20-ounce bottle. It's beyond huge. It could block the sun."

This gives "Big Pimpin'" a whole new meaning.

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8. Jon Hamm

It's unfortunate for us, but Jon Hamm hates the talk surrounding the package in his pants. Reports have been surfacing that the Mad Men actor's affinity for going commando became a problem on set. He was reportedly asked to wear undergarments while filming. His response? "Most of it's tongue-in-cheek," he said. "But it is a little rude."

9. Jamie Foxx

Maybe it should be FoXXX based on what he's packing. If you've seen Django Unchained, you'll know Foxx's Django is unchained. (Though, be prepared. This particular scene is a bit heavy, and not a sexy full-frontal shot in any way.)

10. The Game

How do we know The Game has a massive penis? Oh, we don't know, probably because he constantly posts pictures of his penis online.

No, he's not showing off his "decorative towels." All we can say is, wow. Just... wow.

11. David Beckham


Let's just say, Victoria Beckham is one very lucky (and satisfied!) wife. After all, we've all seen his H&M underwear ads. And whether it's on a billboard in Times Square or not, we know David has quite the member.

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