The REAL Reason Why Penis Size Still Matters

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does size matter?

One of the most frequently asked questions throughout life is, "Does penis size matter?" Let me be real honest with you: the answer is both yes and no. It depends. 

Before I get to the answer, let's go over a few things first.

Most women genuinely believe that it's not the size that counts, but what you do with it. In other words, it's your skills not your penis size that counts. But there are those that do believe otherwise, too — those that believe you need to be packing or "get packing."

The problem with a lot of guys is their pride, and that's why they keep wondering if penis size matters. They want to feel like they can climb the highest mountain and, generally, be the best at everything they do. And, the same mindset applies to sex and pleasing their partner.

As a result, many men are just as insecure about their bodies as women are. If you ask them what they wish they looked like, most men would say that they want to be at least six feet tall, have a massive penis, chiseled abs, and have a face that makes girls swoon.

They think that the only way to impress women is by being perfect. So they obsess over everything, often whether or not they have a big penis. They want to make sure that they're equipped with absolutely everything in order to gain and maintain your interest in them.

The funny thing is that this is usually because guys tend to fear that you might find something better than them, like find a bigger package than they have. That thought can terrify them since they don't have control over the size of their penis.

Yes, women aren’t the only ones that over-think and second-guess everything that's a part of them. Guys do the exact same thing, so don't believe them when they tell you they don't think about the exact same things that you do — like when you're second-guessing your boobs, butt, or looks in general, because they are doing the same thing with their own bodies and wondering "does penis size matter?"

That's why women might want to give them a little reassurance. Sounds ridiculous, I know! But let them know that you enjoy their package just as it is, or that they are the greatest lovers ever, or that they're a God in some shape or form. Those little things will go a long way for both of you, making him feel confident that he's satisfying you. 

However, one thing you should do is be as honest as possible when complimenting him. If he does happen to be tiny, then don't tell him that he's massive. He'll know you're lying.

Here's the truth: All women are built differently. Some women have incredibly deep, wide vaginas and find deep penetration most pleasurable, for which they are going to need something a little longer to fulfill them; While other women only want their G-spot stimulated during intercourse which means smaller penises are perfect — and the list goes on (and on).

Hopefully, you get the point. As you can see, it all depends on a woman's preference for penis size. What a lot of guys seem to worry about is whether a girl will break up with them or cheat on them due to a penis size that's not ideal. In many ways, it's like asking a girl if she'd break up with a guy because he's a few inches shorter than her "ideal height" or if he's skinnier than her ideal man. 

The answer is almost always no, but there is a small percentage of girls that "have to have" a muscular guy or a tattooed guy or a super-tall guy or a guy with a large penis. The advice I always give to guys is to just avoid these types of girls because there is always a guy who's taller, a guy who's got more tattoos, or a guy who's got a larger penis.


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