5 Sexy Date Ideas To Beat The Heat

5 Sexy Date Ideas To Beat The Heat

The hottest days of summer are still ahead. Temperatures are rising, the night sky will soon be exploding with fireworks and suntanned bodies will be filing out to the beach. But let's be real: summer also means soaking in your own sweat, and that's not exactly sexy. And while it's tempting to slink off into a dark, air-conditioned movie theater on date night ... that idea gets old by the time August rolls around.

That's why we've rounded up some of the sexiest date ideas to beat the heat this summer, all the while keeping your love life sizzling!

1. Whack Each Other With Water Balloons
Why should kids have all the fun over the summer? Indulge in a childhood game: an old-fashioned water balloon fight. Make it a sexy surprise: catch your guy off guard with a fully-loaded water balloon and dodge each other, giggling in the backyard.

2. Drive Off For The Day
If you don't have AC, catch a breeze yourself! Rev up your engine, roll down the windows and head out for a scenic drive to ... well, anywhere. You don't have to have a destination — just a full tank of gas and a few hours to kill. And if you so happen to find a secluded cliff, you can always pull off to the side of the road for a quick make-out sesh.

3. Make Homemade Ice Cream
Ice cream cones are a classic way for couples to beat the heat ... but it's sort of cliche. Try churning it yourselves. Find a recipe for a flavor you like, grab a tub and share a smooth, creamy scoop. Mmmm...

4. Sail Away
Just picture it: you catch a cool breeze in your sails and suddenly, the two of you are swept out to sea, bobbing with the tide, gulls calling overhead and a breathtaking view of the horizon. Make it sexier by packing a light dinner to share on deck ... and then slip overboard for some skinny dipping at sunset.

5. Watch For Whales
If you're lucky enough to live near the ocean, set out on the high seas for a sunny afternoon in search of finback, minke and humpback whales. And hey, even if hours pass and neither of you see a single whale, the briny sea spray and cool winds are still the cool-down you're looking for.

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