8 Vulnerable Moments That Make Sex More Fun

Vulnerable Moments That Make Sex More Fun
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Being vulnerable together—taking naked photos, reading erotica aloud, and more—can make sex more fun. Really! Here are a few tips to try out.

From Dr. Aline Zoldbrod:

1. Write some erotica fueled by your partner's sexual fantasies and name the characters in the story your real names. Read the erotica to him at a time when you're both in the mood to have sex. It will bring the two of you together for a few reasons: a) It's brave and vulnerable to do something creative and share it. b) It shows your partner that you really know him and have been listening to his heart's desires. c) It will be a turn-on because guys are usually the aggressors, and it will make him feel great to be sought after.

2. Think of a place outside the house that is somewhat public, where you would be willing to risk having sex, like in the car. Think up some excuse for going to such a nearby place and convince him to go with you. Wear a skirt with no underwear. Brush your teeth and wear a bit of perfume, nothing too obvious. Drive the car to the place you have chosen and pull over. Kiss him. Surprise him by offering to have sex in the car. This is vulnerable because for most people, having sex in the car is very scary—and it does carry a bit of risk, so be careful! It will bring you closer together because no matter how it turns out, it will create a fun, private memory for the two of you.

3. Make a list of your four most vivid and pleasurable sexual episodes together. Share these with him. This is vulnerable because you are sharing your inner sexual self with him. It also can be very sexy, because repeating these stories will create sexy mental images and bond you together. Keep reading...


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