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About Aline Zoldbrod

Hi Tango readers. I'm Dr. Aline Zoldbrod, a Boston based sex therapist,  psychologist, individual and couples counselor, and a nationally and internationally recognized expert in sexuality and intimate relationships. I'm the author of three commercially published and highly regarded books. I have been cited in the professional and lay literature since 1992, and my innovative ideas about solving relationship and sexual problems have spread from Australia to Ghana to New Zealand.. I'm the "real deal"--, a seasoned, respected, brainy, wise, warm and creative couples and individual therapist with multiple decades of clinical experience.

 I know how terrible it is to feel hopeless and scared-- and even ashamed -- about yourself, your behavior, and your relationships. I can help you solve your most difficult problems in relationships and sexuality. I have helped couples who have fought for 20 years find love again and have helped 60 year old virgins learn to joyfully embrace their sexuality. Thankfully, change is possible, but who you select for your therapist makes all the difference.

I invite you to check out my websites, www.sexsmart.com and www.bostonsexualaddictiontherapy.com for a wealth of information about me.

I'm an especially warm and engaged therapist. I'm known for my clinical excellence, warmth, my sense of humor, and my creative and helpful ideas. I work in a way that respects and integrates mind and body, which is ideal for addressing intense emotion and sexuality. I'm the only child of two very loving, sexually positive parents, so I can help you talk about sexual issues (your own or couple's ones) that seem very dangerous or insoluble. I also can tolerate a lot of anger, so I'm the go-to therapist for really distressed couples.

I have written articles, book chapters, and three books. My ideas have been incorporated into the literature on improving romantic and sexual relationships , including citations in books on male and female sexuality, distressed couples, overcoming affairs, male psychology, female psychology, self esteem, sexual addiction and sexual trauma. (Go to http://www.sexsmart.com for a long list of my citations.)

Besides being recommended by over a dozen of America's top sexologists, my book Sex Smart won Fore Word Magazine's award for being one of the top three self help books of 1998. Sex Smart was recently named as an outstanding self help book in the American Psychological Association Monitor's article, "Recommended Reading" January 2008, pages 26-27. SexSmart has been translated into Spanish, Turkish and Polish and is used in clinics, colleges and college counseling services in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Spain. It is on the recommended reading list for many 12-step programs for sexual addiction and compulsivity, as well.

You can find me on the internet. I have a column on hisandherhealth,com entitled "Life from A to Z," and I write articles on sexuality for VibranceAssociates websites, www.hisandherhealth.com and www.newshe.com. In addition, I served as IVillage's Expert on the Mismatched Libidos message board for a year. My ideas also appear on sites like www.parentstoday.com, www.marriage-help.com, www.msn.com, www.lhj.com, www.yahoo.com, www.salon.com, www.SLAA.com, www.sexualaddictionhealing.com, www.co-dependency-recovery.com, www.hearthealer.com, www.12step.org, www.quitpornaddiction.com, www.infidelity.com, and www.empowerher.com, to name a few.

Other media have found me, as well. I have appeared on national TV and on international radio, and have been quoted in almost every major newspaper and magazine in the United States, including the New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, Time Magazine, The Week, and US News and World Report.

There is plenty more to tell you about my credentials. But I'm sure right now, that's not the point. I'm sure what matters most to you is whether or not we would work well together and if we're a good fit in terms of time, availability and expense. To find out, give me a call. We can speak briefly, and we'll see if we're a good match. Finding a therapist is a lot like falling in love. You can find out a lot from the first meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

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