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Pucker Up! These Are The 5 Best Lipsticks For Kissing

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Summer is in full force, and you better be ready for some serious behind-the-dunes, under-the-stars smooch sessions.

Whether you're single or attached, summer brings out the giddy schoolgirl in all of us, and it's time go play a little Spin the Bottle.

With all those long beach days in the sun followed by plenty of spontaneous skinny-dipping nights, it's tough to keep your beauty routine in check. Leave any high-maintenance tendencies for the chilly winter months. Embrace your beachy waves and trade your concealer/foundation/blush/bronzer routine for a natural, sun-kissed glow.

The only product you need from now until Labor Day is a staple lipstick. Whether a matte coral or glossy pink, keep his gaze on your perfectly painted pout and the kisses are sure to follow.

Here are five lipsticks that will score you plenty of lip action this summer.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2013 Collection - Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy' Glossy Lip Balm, $32
This sheer, glossy balm is boosted with a vitamin-rich fruit extract that will leave your lips feeling sumptuously soft and hydrated for up to 8 hours. Surf’s up!

2. Endless Summer Lipstick Queen, $22
From 'Perfect Wave' to 'Stoked' to 'Hang Ten', these playful, surf-inspired shades add an immediate hit of sexy warmth to your complexion. The nourishing and ultra-glossy formula is sheer enough to wear all day long, from the beach to the bars.

3. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour, $34
From L'EXUBÉRANTE (a bright fuchsia) to LA FAVORITE (a vibrant coral), these non-drying lipsticks glide on lips with a soft, velvet matte finish. Sometimes super shimmery, glossy lips are too much in the summer heat. Offset your permanent sweaty, salty, sun-kissed glistening skin with an elegant matte lip in a bold, flirty color.

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4. MAC Temperature Rising Lipstick and Lipglass, $16.50 each
From a ‘Feel My Pulse’ magenta-violet to a red hot 'Caliente,' these electrifying lipstick shades can be paired with MAC’s complementary lipglasses for extra shine. Or wear the tinted glosses alone for a subtle yet sexy kiss-me-now pout.

5. Dior Jelly Lip Pen, $26
In richly saturated hues, these lip shades have a vibrant and exotic appeal, while still appearing more low-key than high maintenance. The jumbo pencil sharpens with a simple twist and is perfect for easy, smooth, on-the-go application. Fit it in the back pockets of your jean shorts for anytime use.

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