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Woman Asks Internet To Track Down Man She Flirted With On Vacation — But They Found His Wife Instead

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Vacation man TikTok message screenshots

There’s an internet love story cliche as old as social media itself, where two people meet in real life and click immediately, but forget or simply didn’t have the time to share their phone numbers or social media or find ways to contact each other — so they resort to social media.

“Help me find this person!!” yell all of the star-crossed lovers who failed to be bold in the moment, asking anyone and everyone to help in their search, and sometimes it works.

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Other times, however, things take a turn for the worse and the person you were flirting with the whole time is actually married but his side of the story is completely different, claiming they weren’t really flirting at all — and now there’s a lot of TikTok drama unfolding.

Or at least that's what happened for one woman.

A TikToker accidentally exposed a cheating husband who flirted with her on vacation.

Mica Renee (@micarenee) was on vacation in Miami with her friends, having a good time at the beach, when a Detroit man entered the water to talk and flirt with her as her friends were taking pictures and videos.



After their interaction, she failed to acquire his phone number and asked TikTok to find the man for her — posting footage of their interactions on TikTok to help them figure out who he is.

“I’m counting on y’all! Hopefully he ain’t married,” Renee captioned the video, with the title saying “TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others. I think he said he’s from Detroit.”

The TikTok has received 4.6 million views in 6 days, but it only took one day for the web detectives to find the man — and subsequently find his wife.

After finding the man and his wife, Renee shared an update on Tikok, talking about the situation — what happened in Miami and what happened after she talked to the wife.



“After we got out the ocean, he did give me his number, but I was lit. I thought I saved it, but I didn’t,” Renee said. “So the update is that he is indeed married, and I won’t be reaching out to him.”

In the update video, she shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with the wife.

“Sis I’m so sorry I had no clue something like [this] would happen I wish the best for you and your kids I won’t be reaching out to him,” said Renee, responding to the message from the wife that said she could have him and gave her his number.

“It’s not your fault. He didn’t care so please believe I’m not about to,” responded the wife. “But thank you for posting this. Everything done in the dark will always come to the light.”

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The wife further requested that Renee keep the video up, saying she doesn’t want him to lie about this too, but he had his own story to tell in his TikToks.

The man claimed he was never cheating on his wife.

“I wasn’t gonna comment to anything honestly because I know the truth (and) everything that happened,” he said in a video. “But little miss cheetah is really trying to run off this clout that she got from completely capping. It’s time for the truth.”

AJ (@irontemple07) shared three, three-minute-long videos on TikTok defending himself and deflecting the blame onto Renee, calling her “weird as hell and very lame” for remembering and reaching for an interaction that apparently happened five months ago in August 2021.



He said that the only things that were true about her story were that he did walk up to her, he did talk to her for about five minutes — seven maximum, because that somehow matters — and he did do the double high-five where they interlocked their fingers.

However, he said he never gave her his number and continued defending himself by saying that it was never anything serious and if he really wanted to cheat, he would’ve gotten more “intimate.”

Whatever the truth may be, Renee said it best in the ending to her update video, “All I have to say is, ladies, don’t believe in fairy tales. You may go viral.”

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