Channing Tatum: The Perfect Man's Guide To Love And Lust

Channing Tatum

Birthday boy Channing Tatum is our dream man. Celebrate his 33rd on April 26 with this GIF candy.

Channing Tatum is perfect: That jawline! Those eyes! And, oh yeah, that body. He's also hilarious (holding his own against Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street) and super romantic (think The Vow). The birthday boy, who turns 33 on April 26, is also a devoted hubby and dad-to-be, which simultaneously warms and shatters our hearts. And the man we love can move (Step Up and Magic Mike anyone?). Let this living Adonis walk you through every stage of dating:

When he first notices you ...

How smooth he tries to act when you call ...

... but he's really doing this on the inside:

What happens when his friends mention you ...

The best thing to hear on your first date (besides, "Hey, I'm Channing Tatum"):

How he'll manage to win every single argument ...

Then you think it's a good idea to dump him. Now what?

When you suggest being friends with benefits instead ...

Wait, what are the benefits of dating him again?

And would you really want to give that up?

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