Jennifer Lawrence: The 'It' Girl's Guide To Love (In GIFs)

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence explains our romantic trials and tribulations in GIF form!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most hilarious, animated stars out there—not to mention one of the most talented. (Hello, Academy Award!) And somehow, despite all that, she manages to be super relatable and a lot like the rest of us. Celebrate the new The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer with these GIFs of the goofiest Oscar winner ever explaining your love life!

When you follow your heart instead of your head, sometimes this happens:

Who just grabbed my ass at the bar?!

When your ex calls at 2AM, you're just like ...

Uh oh, got spinach in your teeth on a date? Run to the bathroom and let J-Law demonstrate:

Want that cute guy across the room to finally come and talk to you? Do this!

Don't flash him one of these though, or he may freak out. Or mistake you for Sarah Palin (remember her?).

When he finally musters up the courage to get your number:

When you're iffy at the end of your first date:

But then he sweeps you off your feet ... literally:

And then you're all like:

And sometimes that even leads to this!

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