'Bachelor' Week 8 Recap: Who Went Home?

'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe

And then there were two.

After an emotional farewell last week for Desiree Hartsock, this week Sean and the remaining three women jet off to exotic Thailand.

Sean's first date is with Lindsay, who he calls the "best friend he’s been looking for" and he says he feels like he's with his high school sweetheart when they're together. But is that because she's not as mature as the other women? After a playful date at a Thai market that involves eating bugs and chicken feet (Is there nothing this girl won't do? After all, she did meet the guy wearing a wedding dress!), the couple enjoyed the fantasy suite together, and their relationship seems stronger than ever.

The following day, Sean takes AshLee on a romantic boat ride, followed by a swim into a pitch-dark cave. AshLee is beyond apprehensive, but views the experience as a metaphor for her relationship with Sean (surprise, surprise). Sean shares to the cameras that he thinks his relationship with AshLee is the strongest, and although she explains that there will be no "moral compromising" during their night together, the two do spend the night in the fantasy suite. AshLee has always been reflective and deep, but she comes across as particularly droning and intense throughout their date, and it seems to be heavy foreshadowing for what's to come. Keep reading ...

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