Kelly Clarkson In Love! Will She Still Write Breakup Songs?

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson has admittedly become 'that girl' in love!

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have been together for eight months now and she's totally in love. But don't worry, there's no way she's giving up those break-up anthems we love so much.

When Blackstock, the son of Clarkson's manager and step-son to Reba McEntire, and Clarkson began dating there were many who were heartbroken they had lost their chance with the original American Idol. She recently admitted that other than winning the big title, meeting him has really helped her career—well, yeah, his step-mom is Reba! Clarkson's bashful admission of being in love is too cute to resist commenting! "I completely fell in love," she said to AP. She also welcomed everyone to "cheeseville" saying, "Your priorities kind of shift and you become happier and all that stuff. It's probably my best accomplishment because I think, for me, especially, I just didn't think it would happen. It's like one of those cheesy love songs that didn't exist, but it does, so that's cool."

So, we can learn a thing or two from this. It's really true that when you're not looking and not expecting, love will find you! Even though the pair have their own busy lives, they don't spend more than two weeks apart at a time. And, although Blackstock and Clarkson might be in "cheesevile," Clarkson won't give-up on those breakup tracks! "[Brandon's] totally gonna piss me off at some point, right?" she joked. "I'll write about it." Sounds good! Just one though, we don't want you to turn into the next Taylor Swift!

We're so thrilled that Kelly found love! What do you think? 

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