4 Reasons Gay Guys Love Quirky Old Women

Quirky old woman

LGBTQ people love certain old dames.

Royce Reed died recently. You may not know who she was. There is only a handful of obsessed admirers who regularly visit the Facebook page dedicated to Royce and her former sidekick, Marilyn Hoggatt. Her YouTube views totalled 706,799, at last count — not much in this age of video sharing, when you consider that not all of those viewers will be permanent fans. Some will view her videos and listen to her cantankerous laments, and that will be it. Others, like me, will be captivated and attempt to memorize her famous alcohol-laden rant to Marilyn about the beautiful days gone by, when she attended concerts featuring the music of "Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Grieg. I know all about ... internationally composed symphonies. 

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Written by Gary Nelson for The Huffington Post.

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