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8 Telltale Signs Your Guy DEFINITELY Has An Asian Fetish

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study of interactions on dating apps showed that men of all races prefer Asian women over women of any other race. Of course, dating preferences are one thing, while fetishes are quite another. So how can you tell the difference?

Here are telltale signs that your (or someone else's) man's preference for Asian women has turned into a full-blown kinky fetish.

1. He's yelled, "Pikachu, I choose you!" as he orgasms.  Alternatively, does he refer to his testicles as Dragon BallZ?

2. He has over a dozen Asian-themed tattoos. Is one of them a likeness of him having sex with a geisha and their both giving thumbs up?

3. You, yourself, are Asian. ... And so are the lion's share of his past girlfriends.

4. His "sidechick" is a body pillow named Kimiko.  Think I'm kidding? Check this out.

5. His license plate says "ILUVASNS" Can you really have any doubt left after seeing that?

6. In the past year, he's visited Bangkok on more than 25 separate occasions.  He could also be an arms dealer, a professional kick-boxer or a collector of rare antiquities, but I doubt it.

7. He's quick to correct any mention of that silly sideways vulva rumor. And then he gives a knowing double raise of the eyebrows.

8. If a woman owned the same number of cats as he owns Hello Kitty figurines, you'd consider her a "Crazy Cat Lady." Really, what other reason could a guy have for owning that many girly toys?

If five or more of these qualities sound like your guy or he freely admits to being super into Asian women, his preference for Asian women is probably on the fetish level.