About Tom Miller

Tom Miller is the voice of Tomfoolery, YourTango.com's daily guy's take on all matters of the heart. He contributes to the YourTango’s videos as a writer, performer, and key grip (whatever the heck that is).

Tom has an in depth knowledge of pop culture (who doesn't these days) and is a self-described TV junkie. He enjoys watching and playing sports particularly football, baseball, and basketball. He would appreciate it if you didn’t bring up the fact that he got cut from his college baseball team at Furman University, thanks.

Tom earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Clemson University in the summer of 2002. Upon graduation, he moved to north Florida to work for the Bank Of America as an analyst. He joined YourTango (then Tango magazine) in the winter of 2006.

Beginning in the winter of 2007, he began publishing a blog called the Daily Dish. The Dish covered celebrity happenings, studies, reports, and weird happenings in the field of love and relationships.

In addition to sports and pop culture, he enjoys Budweiser, improvised comedy, and Tom Robbins novels.

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