Audrina Patridge On How Leaving Reality TV Saved Her Love Life

Audrina Patridge On How Leaving Reality TV Saved Her Love Life

Her reality show may have tanked, but Audrina has her boyfriend Corey Bohan's shoulder to cry on.

After her spin-off reality show, Audrina, was axed by VH1 after just one season, Audrina Patridge, not unlike many Americans, found herself unemployed earlier this year.

However, instead of crying over spilled latte, the 26-year-old The Hills alumna and one-time friend of Lauren Conrad decided to devote her time to working on herself and her relationship with boyfriend Corey Bohan, whom she broke up with during the season finale of her show.

Audrina recently told People that the absense of a camera crew has actually improved her relationship with Corey and admits that "now things are good" between them.

"Filming a reality show really takes a toll on relationships because your mindset is to create good TV," she says. "It's hard on relationships, so after the show, Corey and I really worked on what was going on with us. We spent time together." Audrina Never Called Lauren Conrad a Slut

After filming the season finale, Audrina decided to "take six or seven months off to relax," which, for her, meant moving to the beach and organizing her house and her life. But, now that she has her relationship back on track (and her sock drawer seemingly in order), the reality starlet is ready to get back to work.

"I'm back again, refreshed and not burnt out... I know I've been kind of laying low lately, but next year I'm really looking forward to working and getting back out there," she says. "I have some really great projects I'm working on."

Hmmm.... Why do we have the feeling that Audrina would happily throw her relationship under the bus again if someone gave her another shot at a reality show? 5 Couples Destroyed By Reality TV

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