Is Jennifer Love Hewitt The Female George Clooney?

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt The Female George Clooney?
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The 'Ghost Whisperer' star moves on pretty quick with a new boyfriend, actor Jarod Einsohn.

It seems that every few months, Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new piece of arm candy by her side.

According to TooFab, the 32-year-old actress's latest boyfriend, whom she brought to the premiere of Like Crazy this week, is 27-year-old Jarod Einsohn. Like JHL, who will star in the upcoming series Client List, Jarod is a TV actor and has made guest appearances on CSI: NY, Medium, and Malcom in the Middle. The two are also both Texas natives, which may add even more common ground to their relationship.

Then again, Jarod is yet another tall, dark-haired guy with show business dreams—JLH's type. Supposedly, the couple has been dating since mid-August, just three months after Jennifer broke up with her last boyfriend, actor-director Alex Beh. Before him, there was that brief romance with The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik that started over Twitter. And there are plenty more where they came from... Jennifer Love Hewitt Flies To San Francisco to Date Ben Flajnik

So will Jarod be the one who sweeps Jennifer off her feet and makes her give up her single girl life? We'd like to think so. Then again, we'd like to see George Clooney settle down too, but it's probably not going to happen! George Clooney Doesn't Want Another Marriage…Ever

Are you a serial dater like Jennifer Love Hewitt?

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