A Royal Expert's Take On Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton

<p> Are William and Kate bound for happily-ever-after? One royal expert weighs in.</p>

Although we knew it was coming for some time, Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement announcement did not disappoint. Kate—with her gorgeous brunette locks and dewy complexion—and William—with his mother's charm and engaging presence—delighted millions of well wishers all over the world with their brilliantly wonderful good news. (Are we starting to sound British? It's infectious!) 

For once, it seems as though a royal couple has a fighting chance to make it for the long haul. Unlike many others (do we even need to mention names?) who haven't been so lucky, Prince William and Kate seem to have figured out the relationship puzzle quite well on their own. Prince William & Kate Middleton Officially Engaged

We sat down with royal expert, Roy Sheppard, author of How to Be the One to find out what William and Kate's chances are:

Believe it or not, Sheppard says "it's impossible to give (Wills and Kate) advice." But wait—that's a good thing!

"They are the most brilliant example of a role model of a couple. They became best friends first, which is something everybody should aspire to be. Plus, Kate is just a levelheaded person with great self-esteem. They are a true couple, and not just two people trying desperately to collide."

With only 5 months of an age difference between them, William and Kate are also much more likely to have a balanced relationship, unlike Prince William's parents. Diana was 12 years younger than Prince Charles, and unprepared for the media scrutiny that would accompany life as the Princess of Wales. Plus, as Sheppard points out, "Charles and Diana were romanticized to the 9th degree. They were positioned to be this fairy tale couple."

Somewhat telling though, in an early interview with the engaged couple, a reporter asked Charles if he was in love with his bride-to-be. Charles looked at Diana and said, "whatever in love means." Suffice it to say, this was not the stuff of which romantic fairytales are made. And so we learned, neither are 'arranged' marriages.  Says Sheppard: "His marriage lacked 'true' commitment to Diana—it was more like 'commitment-lite' . . . But it could have been true commitment to his country. Who will ever know?" asks Sheppard.