Prince William & Kate Middleton Officially Engaged

Prince William & Kate Middleton Officially Engaged

Ladies, prep yourselves for a royal wedding!

We've been speculating for months now that Prince William and his longtime girlfriend (and the luckiest girl in the world), Kate Middleton were ready to walk down the aisle, but now official word comes from the palace that the two are in fact engaged.

"The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton," reads the royal announcement.

The pair, both 28 have been dating since they met at "university," as the Brits say and have stayed together despite spending stretches of time across the world from one another thanks to Prince William's royal duties. (Oh, and the fact that Prince William can have any woman in the world.)

"Everyone is absolutely delighted. He has never had eyes for any other woman since Kate came on the scene," an old friend said, according to "She is going to make a wonderful wife, a wonderful princess."  Prince William & Kate Middleton To Move In

Now, to get to the good stuff…. How did he pop the question, you ask? According to reports, in one of the best held secrets of all time, William and Kate have kept their happy news under wraps for a month now. Apparently, Wills got down on one knee during the couple's vacation in Kenya last month. And yes, the Prince asked Kate's father for permission. (We're sure her dad didn't have a hard time saying, "yes.") Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the ring yet, but we're sure it's HUGE (the Prince likely has access to the crown jewels here, folks). Prince William & Kate Play 'Meet The Parents'

And when will the royal wedding take place? Although the palace hasn't announced an official date, mark your calendars, because word is the wedding will take place next spring or summer. 

Ok, so yes, the Prince may be off the market, but at least we now have a royal wedding to look forward to (which we can only hope will turn out better than the last). Plus, we're pretty sure that Kate, a budding fashionista will pick one killer dress. (And then of course, there's the royal offspring.…) So congrats to the happy couple (as we dry the tears from our eyes)!