How To Get Him Back - Get Him To Chase You!

How to Get Him Back - Get Him to Chase You!

The time immediately following a break up is very difficult and
emotional. You wish you knew how to get him back but are not sure what
to try. Sometimes even the smallest thing can make a difference so you
shouldn’t be afraid to try.

Try a combination of these ideas or all of them to increase their
chances of working – and getting him to notice you more quickly.

7 Tricks to have him chasing you:

1. Go out with your friends. Get out, get seen and
have fun with your friends. You may surprised how quickly the word gets
back to your ex boyfriend about how “good” you are taking the break up.

2. Make sure you’re looking good. The feelings of
depression and hopelessness after a break up will sometimes lull you
into being lazy and not taking care of yourself. But keeping up your
appearance and maybe even buying some new clothes or getting a new
haircut will give you a boost in confidence that will draw the attention
of your ex.

3. Workout. This goes hand-in-hand with looking
good, but working out is also very therapeutic and helps you work
through the pain of the breakup in its own way.

4. The no contact rule. Unless you just aren’t able
to avoid it, have no contact with your ex for at least a month. This
will give you both time to simmer down and think about the relationship.
This break period is one of the most important steps in getting your ex
to come back to you.

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5. Apologize to your ex. Your ex needs to know that
you’re on their side no matter what. The apology has to be sincere and
heartfelt otherwise your ex may get nothing out of it and remain
distant. It doesn’t matter if you think you were right or wrong. By
admitting to your share of the blame you can help disarm your boyfriend
and get them to open up to you.

6. Start a new hobby. For awhile you’re going to
need to distract your mind from your ex in order to think clearer later.
A new hobby is a perfect way to divert your mind this way. This isn’t a
sprint, it’s a marathon to get your ex back, so while you’re thinking
it over you can give your mind a well needed rest by learning something

7. Plan! It’s vitally important you have a plan to
get your ex boyfriend back. Deciding you’re going to make it up as you
go along or “wing it” is a terrible idea that can spawn some unneeded
and unwanted fights that can only push you further away from your ex.

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