Fantasia & Antwaun Cook: Having A Baby?

Fantasia Barrino

Rumor has it that Fantasia might be pregnant by the man whose marriage she supposedly broke up.

As if having an affair with a married man isn't enough, Fantasia Barrino may have a little bun in the oven, or at least that's what she's claiming, reports The former American Idol winner just can't seem to let her lover Antwaun Cook out of her sight. While she may try to hide the fact that there is still a spark between the two while out in public, a source tells Bossip that they are very much still together.

However, she may not be the only one that Cook has been dating. He also has supposedly sunk his teeth into model Tyshianna Dubose and has been seeing her since 2009. While Fantasia may be able to handle the fact the man was not completely off the market when she started dating him, she can't handle him lusting after Dubose. Apparently, she was so angry when she saw Cook and Dubose together in LA, she let the cat out of the bag by screaming that she was pregnant with Cook's baby. Fantasia Barrino's Ex Speaks Out reports that a family friend told the National Inquirer a little while back that the singer is in fact with child: "She's about three months along, and it's definitely Antwaun's baby."

"Right now she can't show how happy she is in public - but she's absolutely thrilled. Fantasia got what she wanted. She feels Antwaun will have to marry her now."

Back in August, reported that Paula Cook blames Fantasia for ruining her marriage with Antwaun, even though Fantasia stated she thought the two were separated.

"She is saddened and disheartened by the end of her marriage," says divorce attorney Tamela Wallace. "She's embarrassed, and humiliated and distressed by the lack of respect that was shown for her marriage by Ms. Barrino."

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