Jennifer Aniston Is Dumped For The Millionth Time

Jennifer Aniston

The actress is now getting rejected by men much less famous than her, like actor Josh Hopkins.

According to a source close to Jennifer Aniston, everyone's favorite Friend likes a certain type of man, namely "really good-looking a--holes." Maybe that explains why, despite being beautiful, successful, and rich, Jennifer has been dumped again! And this time by a guy who isn't anywhere near as famous as her.

According to US Magazine, Cougar Town star Josh Hopkins, who met Jen when she recently guest-starred on the show, said "no, thank you" to her request for a relationship. Jennifer Aniston Swears Off Marriage

Not surprisingly, the 40-year old is "a player and is into meeting younger girls," added the source. "He definitely lies to girls."

And although Josh told the tabloid that he and Jen were "just friends", the last time that they were spotted out together at an Italian restaurant in LA, it was reportedly their final date, so perhaps he had already pulled the "it's not you, it's me" card. Supposedly, Josh rejected Jen because he had no interest in being anything more than bed buddies with her.

"Josh calls Jennifer his 'sport f--k,'" said a friend of his to the magazine. (We could see a 19-year-old saying that, but, a 40-year-old, really?)

We always thought that John Mayer came off as a jerk and womanizer, but compared to this Hopkins guy, he's not looking too bad. If this is the best she can do, then maybe Jen should give John another chance... Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer: Together Or Not?

Photo Credit: INF

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