Has Sarah Ferguson Been Trading Sex For Cash, Too?

Sarah Ferguson

British tabloids claim Fergie slept with Saudi oil tycoons for fun and money.

As the world found out, for Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, "500,000 pounds when you can, to me, open doors." Now it's looking like, if you add in a yacht, she'll open her legs, too.

Just days after a "desperate" Fergie confessed to Oprah that "bleak financial debt" and "booze" were behind her bad decision to auction off access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, British tabloids are reporting that this wasn't the first time she's traded favors for cash.

Ian Halperin is "reporting" new, more wild allegations about the Duchess' behavior that have her walking a way with 300,000 pounds cash in a suitcase after a sex-filled, week-long romp on a yacht with two wealthy Saudi tycoons:

According to a former press attache for the Duchess, it was not the first time she accepted cash on a table. "Sarah's always making surreptitious deals for cash, she's a throwback to the old way of doing business," the source said. The press attache claims Ferguson spent a week on a luxury, 65 metre yacht three years ago with two wealthy Saudi oil tycoons. As part of the deal, which reportedly paid the Duchess 300,000 pounds cash in a suitcase, the Duchess agreed to participate in sexual activities with the two wealthy oil tycoons. "She had no problem with their demands for sex because she Sarah loves to get down and dirty," the source told IUC. "In fact when she returned to Britain a week later I overheard her talking to a friend, bragging about her new enterprise. She said she had 'a much needed wild time' and in the process got paid for it." [Source: IanUndercover.com]

So is Sarah a high-class hooker? We already know she enjoys the company of wealthy businessmen, and has no scruples using her assets to get what she needs. But downright prostitution? She won't be able to dance her way out of that one. Sarah Ferguson's New Idea: Dancing With The Stars

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