10 Sexiest American Idol Moments

Cast of Season 9 American Idol

We list the 10 sexiest moments of American Idol's Season 9.

Well friends, yet another season of American Idol is drawing to a close. We know—we're sad too.

As we wait anxiously for the country to dial in and select it's next pop star, we would like to take this time to recognize the sexiest moments of Season 9—from the auditions, to Hollywood Week, to the Top 3.

In descending order, your hand-picked Season 9 sexiest moments:

1. Any Crystal Bowersox performance

Crystal's vocals ruled this season. Whether she was singing the judge-adored R&B song "People Get Ready" or a critically mediocre (but personally meaningful: she said it was a "message" to her boyfriend) version of Shania Twain's "No One Needs To Know," Crystal's confidence and crooning abilities were the definition of sexy.

2. Lee Dewyze - Treat Her Like A Lady

Lee can do no wrong, and his performance of Treat Her Like A Lady by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose was certainly no exception. His brusque voice sends shivers down our spines. Feel free to treat us like ladies, Lee.

3. Casey and Big Mike Duet - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

Heartthrob Casey James and big mush Michael Lynche teamed up for an oh-so-sexy cover of Bryan Adams' Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman. Swoon. 8 Romantic American Idol Performances

4. Lady Gaga Performs Alejandro

Lady Gaga took to the American Idol stage with a sexy performance of Alejandro. Surrounded by half-naked men, and wearing little more than a thong, bra, and knee-pads, Lady G put on quite the show. Lady Gaga Can Orgasm Without Touch—And So Can You

5. Casey James' Shirtless Audition

Goldilocks' hairy cousin, Casey James, eventually made it to the Top 3, but he almost didn't make it through his Denver audition. After a warbly version of John Mayer's Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Simon was not impressed. However, Kara DioGuardi and Victoria Beckham wanted to see more of his, erm, "talents." When DioGuardi shamelessly asked him to lose his shirt, well... the Texan stripped his plaid right off. 10 Hottest American Idol Contestants Ever

6. Didi Benami - Play With Fire

During Rolling Stones week, Miss Didi Benami went from a crying-prone, wilty flower to a sultry vamp with her version of Play With Fire. She also shed her hippy threads and guitar in favor of a tight black ensemble. But even her sultry eye-contact with the camera couldn't keep her in the running.

7. Casey James - Heaven

We know, we know, another Casey moment made the cut. But what can we say, the man's got sex appeal! His intimate rendition of Bryan James' Heaven melted our hearts—and Kara's too.

8. Erica Rhodes Wants You to Know That Barney Kids Grow Up—To Own Whips

Former Barney Kid, Erica Rhodes, felt the need to show the American Idol judges that she's grown up since her big purple dinosaur days. Apparently that means going on national television as a dominatrix? We have to give her credit though—she sure can sing.

9. Ryan Seacrest on Adam Lambert's Tongue

Sometimes we wonder about Ryan Seacrest's sanity. Sane or not, we couldn't believe our ears when he told former contestant, and Season 9 mentor, Adam Lambert, "my tounge isn't nearly as talented as yours." Lambert's reaction is priceless. Do we sense some sexual tension?

10. Shania Twain Sexually Harrasses John Park

Guest-judge Shania Twain spits out a slew of double entendre's during Chicago contestant John Park's audition. Hilariously awkward.

What do you think? Are there any sexy moments that we missed?