Jeff Bridges Owes Success To His Wife

Susan and Jeff Bridges

The veteran actor just might be the coolest and sweetest husband ever.

With guys like Tiger Woods and John Edwards littering up our fair blog with their skeeziness lately, this news is a breath of fresh air. In an interview for GQ's March issue, Jeff Bridges takes readers on a nostalgic trip to the day he met the former Susan Geston, his wife of 33 years (99 years in Hollywood time). 25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage

The versatile star has just received his fifth Oscar nomination for Crazy Heart, and if Jeff walks away with his first win this year, you can bet that he won't be one of those actors who forgets to thank his wife! In the interview, he gushes that he is "deeply in love" with Susan and explains how important marriage is:

Sue should get a credit on all my movies. I wouldn't be able to do this [without her]. I ran into [Francis Ford] Coppola not too long ago. I said, 'What you been doing?' He said, 'Just gave a class to a bunch of young actors.' I said, 'What did you teach them?' and he says, 'I taught them the main thing, the most important thing you should do as a young actor: Get married. Think about it—all movies, everything, is about love. And having a family. Then you have a purpose for making the money and doing the things you do. It gives you a grounding, to go off and do your stuff. The kite has a string. You go way out there, but you've got this thing grounding you.'

Jeff reveals his immediate attraction to Susan, recalling that while filming Rancho Deluxe in Montana, he couldn't stop staring at a gorgeous local girl who had "two black eyes and a broken nose." But when he finally worked up the nerve to ask Susan out on a date, she turned him down. (It wasn't until a subsequent chance encounter that mutual sparks flew.) Among his prized possessions, Jeff keeps two pictures from that film shoot—sent to him ten years later by a crew member—that forever capture that awkward first meeting: "A close-up of her and a wide shot of me speaking the first words to my wife, and her answering my question in the negative." These Celebrity Couples Make Us Believe In Love

And when asked if it was her black eyes that intrigued him, Jeff looks at the photos and replies, "It was the juxtaposition...Check the beauty, man! God!"

*swoon* The Dude sounds like more of a sweetheart than a crazy heart to us!

Scoop via Hollywood Life. Photo via Target/FAME Pictures.