The Olympics' 10 Hottest Men

Olympics 10 Hottest Men

The U.S. makes a strong showing as these athletes take top medals in sexiness.

Why do the Summer Games get all the glory? Michael Phelps ain't got nothing on the U.S.'s 2010 Olympic contenders!

Whether slicing through ice or tearing up the powder, these Vancouver Olympians are holding back the frigid temperatures with their hot bods and fiery athletic patriotism.  5 Things The Olympics Teach Us About Love

Cue the National Anthem.

And now, in no particular order:

The Olympics' 10 Hottest Men

Recipients: Bode Miller, Steve Mesler, Justin Olsen, David Backes, Chris Plys, Shani Davis, Apolo Anton Ohno, Brett Camerota, Seth Wescott & Evan Lysacek.

Bode Miller

Alpine Skiing

Once considered to be the James Dean of skiing, this former rebel-without-a-medal has tamed his hard-partying ways AND secured the gold in 2010. But don't worry all you rapscallion-loving ladies: When asked by reporters if he's really shed his bad boy skin, the gorgeous Bode (pronounced /bowe-di/) cheekily responded, "The Olympics just started. You got to give me some time." Sigh.

Steve Mesler & Justin Olsen



Wowza. These two thirty-something stud muffins make up one-half of the U.S. men's bobsledding team, but are dreamboats on their own. When not rocking the spandex, native Buffalonian Steve Mesler is a self-proclaimed lover of politics, travel, and discovery. His partner-in-studliness, former Texas footballer (and Air Force cadet) Justin Olsen, happened into bobsledding by chance, trying out for the U.S. team on his brother's crazy whim. These guys are a gold medal favorite both in Vancouver and in our hearts.