Is Your Home Guy Friendly?

make your home guy friendly

Simple, inexpensive ways to make your home guy-friendly.

When you bring your new love interest to your pad, you want to make a good first impression. But who has the time or resources these days? Never fear—a few minor adjustments can help your new guy feel right at home without compromising your bank account or your personal style.

Although many women fear than an overly feminine home will scare a guy off, remember that most guys care less about a home's level of girliness and more about what it says about her: Is she high-maintenance? Does she have good taste? Does she have any closeted freakiness? (Hint: consider hiding your Hello Kitty paraphernalia). 5 Tips For Spending The Night With A New Guy

Here are some more tips on making your home more guy-friendly, room by room:

The living room:

The living room is where your home makes its first impression, so give it extra attention. Firstly, watch the scents! Once you've eliminated any traces of eau de cat litter or leftover chow mein, light a woodsy-smelling candle. A combination of sandalwood, teak, lemon oil, and even vanilla may remind him of the great outdoors.

On a related note, buy some plants. Don't worry, a well-tended batch of peonies doesn't look girly, it looks fresh and suggests that you're sensual and attentive.

Tiny apartment? Create an illusion of space by leaving 10-15 inches between the couch and the wall. On a related note, make sure your couch is free of excessive throw pillows. Remember what Coco Chanel said about removing one accessory in the morning? We're pretty sure that also applies to home decor.

On the other hand, if your living room is minimalistic to the point of barrenness, the guy might wrongly assume you're also rather drab. A few simple, completely affordable pieces like vintage-looking pitchers, mason jars, or candlesticks liven up a home. If you have some empty photo frames lying around, but no photos or posters, frame a piece of a retro-looking sheet instead.

Contrary to what your brothers might have told you, men actually dig women who enjoy books. Unless you read chick lit and listen to Kenny G's greatest hits exclusively, put your book and music collections on display. If your bookshelf and coffee table look a little sparse, check out Penguin's Classic's limited edition of covers illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith, which can be used as both decoration and conversation pieces.

Finally, there's only a couple degrees of difference between toastiness and stuffiness, and guys heat up a lot faster than women do. Crack open a window or turn on a small fan. Remember, the cold is conducive to cuddling. The Thermostat War, And 6 More Silly Compromises