The Thermostat War, And 6 More Silly Compromises

The A/C is just one site for love's little battles you may not see coming.

A/C thermostat

You've heard it from cohabitants time and again: living with someone means making major lifestyle compromises—relinquishing half the bed, the closet, the TV remote, etc. But what about the microscopic adjustments that catch a couple completely off-guard?

The Washington Post just posted this chuckle-worthy piece on the annual thermostat war waged between wives who appreciate the summery climate and husbands who believe in the power of the almighty air-conditioning. Read: 5 Things I Hate About My Marriage


"This is a real phenomenon," said Kathryn Sandberg, director of the Georgetown University Center for the Study of Sex Differences in Health, Aging and Disease. "We have lots of data showing that women generally are far more sensitive to feelings of cold."

Studies among other mammals reveal the same trend. Given a choice between two chambers on either side of the comfort range, males prefer the chillier area while females go for the room that is "too hot" (according to their mates). Furthermore, military research has shown women to be more susceptible to cold-related ailments such as frostbite and hypothermia. So the next time you and your significant other get embroiled in a passive-aggressive temperature adjustment war, just blame biology. Female Vs Male Brain: Is There A Difference?


All this hot and cold talk got us thinking: what are some other seemingly silly compromises (or lack thereof) most couples don't see coming when they decide to bunk beds? Here's our quick hit list: 

Bathroom counter space and outlets: Not everyone can enjoy a two sink bathroom with outlets galore for two electric toothbrushes, a shaver, hair dryer, curling iron and et al. It may be prudent to invest in extra storage space and outlet splitters. Read: Sharing a Bathroom? Cohabitation Tips

Shoes or socks in the house: Old habits are hard to break. If your significant other dwelled in a shoes-on household while you can't bear the thought of outside dirt getting trekked onto the carpet, perhaps an ultimate game of footsie will solve this dilemma once and for all.

Shower times: Singletons may take for granted the luxury of rushing into an unoccupied shower when running late to work. Not so easy to pull of when there are two people getting ready in the morning. Our suggestion—jump in anyway. Co-showers are sexy and save water. Read: World's Sexiest Hotel Bathrooms


Toilet paper usage: When you live together, you'll be on the toilet and suddenly realize there's no more toilet paper and the refills are outside the bathroom and down the hall twice as many times as before.

Sleeping habits: One phrase—chronic blanket hog. Solution—two blankets.

Eating locales: Some of us prefer the TV, others like to get their munch on in bed. Not looking forward to finding cracker crumbs between the sheets? How about getting portable TV trays that will catch falling bits of food? Read: How to Train Your Man 


The beauty of this list is that these are silly problems to complain about. Luckily, fighting can be healthy and most couples get over each other's bothersome quirks in their own fashion. As the poet Phyllis McGinley so wisely quiped, "Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. It is what makes nations great and marriages happy."