Is Your Bedroom Sex-Ready?

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From pillow choice to bedside reading material, Michael Shnayerson explains the art of "sexorating."

Though the economy is down, we know romps in the sack are up.

Susan Quilliam, editor of the newly revised The Joy of Sex, reported in her native UK last week, financial uncertainty increases a desire for the comfort of skin-on-skin contact. A recent survey of 20,000 Brits revealed sex to be their favorite low-cost activity.

The recession's love potion powers could peeter out the deeper into the economic crisis we get, Quilliam reasons, as anxiety kills rather than fuels the mood. That means, you best get your bedroom good and sexorated before it's used only for sleeping!

Enter Michael Shnayerson, veteran journalist and Vanity Fair contributor, who's offered some dos and don'ts for decorating one's bedroom with sex in mind.

Do get a good lock.

Don't expect to impress anyone (save those who are transitioning from a crib) with a single bed.

Do go for a queen-sized bed in lieu of a California king, unless you have a "more is merrier" bed policy.

Don't forget rubber bases to keep the bed in place and avoid nasty run-ins with neighbors, roommates or the police. "No need for rubbers of any other sort, if you don't get those rubber bases," Shnayerson warns.

Do use European pillows in the way they were meant. They are square like a chair cushion for a reason.

Knock boots, not books. Do keep side tables free and clear from non-sex-related items. We figure The Kama Sutra or the aforementioned Joy of Sex might warrant exceptions, however.

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