Men Want Women To Order Steak, Not Salad

what to eat on a date

A recent study of male and female undergrads at Canada's McMaster University revealed that, sadly (if unsurprisingly), young women tend to eat like frightened rabbits in front of their male counterparts. According to researchers, the women believed that eating small portions and low-calorie foods impresses the men. 

In my experience? Going out with women who eat like small woodland creatures sort of takes the fun out of a meal. And I've heard the old "But I like salad!" refrain. I'm not saying you don't. What I am saying is, I think the only men who will be "impressed" with your order of leaves and roots are the Wrong Men. Lemondrop: Surprising Things That Turn Guys On (Besides Breathing)

I mean, seriously—do you want to be with some dude who thinks that when you're out together, it's OK for him to take down the better part of a cow, but you've got to get your dressing on the side? Who is this a-hole you want to impress? 

Going out for dinner is a privilege. It's really not until you're in college that you can go out and be treated (somewhat) like an adult by the wait staff, and—here comes a touch of global perspective, team—we're awfully lucky to be comfortable enough economically to be waited on and served food and drink in a decorated structure designed for our pleasure. Enjoy it! Lemondrop: Drinking On A Date—How Much is Too Much?

Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.