Meg Ryan And Tim Robbins's Secret Affair

Star reports this week that part of the reason Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon split after more than 20 years together is his on-and-off affair with Meg Ryan, who's been more or less single since her marriage-wrecking relationship with Russell Crowe ended eight years ago. And just because it's Friday, and we are exhausted by the existence of the Kardashians and Tila Tequila and Snooki, and this news is completely insane in a mid-'90s-romcom kind of way, we're kind of hoping it's true.

In the interest of full disclosure, we will mention right now that at one point in our career, we fact-checked for Star. Don't take the existence of fact-checkers at Star as any indication of actual accuracy, though. So the grain of salt you should be taking with this Robbins-Ryan story should be roughly the size of the Great Salt Lake. And yet. Star says that Meg and Tim have hooked up occasionally over the years, since they met while making the 1994 Albert-Einstein-plays-matchmaker comedy I.Q. (Really! Remember that movie? Walter Matthau played Einstein. It was adorable.)

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Back in 1994, Meg had a two-year-old with husband Dennis Quaid, and Tim's sons with Susan were five and three. Now the kids are pretty much grown, except for Meg's five-year-old daughter, Daisy, and both Tim and Meg are single. They were seated together while answering phones at the Jan. 22 Hope for Haiti telethon (seriously! What was in the bottled water at that freaking telethon?!) and now Star says they've been spending time together since Tim and Susan's breakup last fall. Does Susan Sarandon Have A Boytoy?

"Tim is thrilled that he doesn't have to sneak around anymore," a source told Star. "He's making it more serious with Meg. He's even been staying at her L.A. home, on occasion, for months now."

It's been a little bit of fresh air this week, though, with all these stars from the '80s and '90s forcing their way back onto the front pages of the tabloids, right? Like they're elbowing aside those dimwits from The Hills and that Justin Bieber person and screaming about how they may be baby boomers, but dammit, they still deserve to be on the cover of Star! Or are we just hallucinating from trying to ignore all the people shrieking about Lost?

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.