4 Straight Up LIES Romantic Comedies Taught You About Love

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LIES Romance Movies Taught You About Love

Those swoony ideas are spoiling your chance of finding REAL happiness.

I've faithfully watched romantic comedies my entire life. Haven't we all, ladies? 

We know the couple will always end up together, but we relish the drama anyway. But, while these romance films seem like harmless fun, they've given us a terrible blueprint for how to date and find real love. I fully admit that I'm indoctrinated, but at least I've come to recognize it.

I'm not talking about the no-brainer things. Everybody knows that you don't wake up one day and suddenly realize you love your best dude friend.

I'm talking about the stuff you may not even realize you learned from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but you did ... and it's secretly sabotaging your relationships (thanks for nothing, Kate Winslet!). 

Here are four completely WRONG things I learned about love from watching Hollywood rom-coms: 

1. All a girl really needs is a sweet, goofy guy.

We've all had our fair share of terrible relationships. Maybe even abusive, or perhaps just quietly unhappy.

But if you subscribe to the law set forth by dozens of romantic movies, some slightly daffy guy will eventually come along, fall in love with all of your charming imperfections, and make you realize how special you are.

Movies reinforce the belief that women should wait around for some deus ex machina in the form of a charming, worshipful dude to validate our existences and prove that somebody will ultimately accept us and all of our foibles. He's kind of like a semi-castrated knight-in-shining-armor. Every woman wants to think that some nice guy will rescue her from the sea of a-holes.

But, ladies, if your dating life sucks, work to make it better yourself. Don't wait for somebody to come along and "complete you."

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