Reese Witherspoon + Gerard Butler = OMGWTF


Did the Oscar winner hook up with the Spartan? Are we just making things up now?

Star magazine reports this week that Reese Witherspoon and Gerard Butler did some hot, hot hooking up, but that she's trying to keep the news under wraps to prevent Jake Gyllenhaal from finding out. Um…so much for that plan. "Reese's friends are giggling about her secretly meeting up with Gerard. She thinks he's superhot [sic]," a "friend" of Reese’s told the rag.

Star's source says Reese and Gerard read some scripts together a couple of months ago and then met up again at a Hope for Haiti telethon after-party. Since the Jan. 22 fundraiser, which is going to go down in history as the hottest hookup-fest/charity event since the 1994 Save Bosnia In Your Birthday Suit Danceathon, the two have been hanging out at Gerard's place in L.A. occasionally. "Reese doesn't want to hurt Jake's feelings and doesn't want him to know about her and Gerard," the source blabbed. "She's not interested in taking it a step further with Gerard."

Sigh. Does this latest rumor just sound like someone at Star has a pair of twenty-sided Hollywood dice, one for boys and one for girls (and two more for the gays) and occasionally she just screams "Yahtzee!" and flings them across her desk to see what pair comes up? Taylor Swift and John Mayer? Why not? Kirstie Alley and Jamie Foxx? Sure! Joe Jonas and Paris Jackson? Of course! This latest gossip rag–manufactured "scoop" kind of makes our face hurt, for a few reasons. Rebound Relationships: A Man's Approach

First, Reese broke up with Jake because she didn't want to marry him, allegedly. We can totally see her rebounding with a little casual sex, although why she'd go from gym bunny Jake to the rather less, er, defined Gerard boggles the mind. Second, Reese named her production company Type A Films for a reason. The lady likes to be in control. Yes, she's a divorced, 33-year-old mother of two who deserves a night off just like everyone else, but we just can't see her popping over to Gerry's manse for a little slap and tickle after the kids are in bed. That's just too Real Housewives of Orange County for the proper Miss Laura Jeanne Witherspoon from Nashville.

So what do you think, celeb oglers? Is Reese hitting that? Or do the biddies at Star need to up their doses of lithium? And if she's looking for a fellow with whom she has proven chemistry, shouldn't she hook up with Josh Lucas for real? Because he is adorable.

Via Hollyscoop. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.