Does Susan Sarandon Have A Boytoy?

Susan Sarandon ping pong
Buzz, Heartbreak

Surprise Sarandon-Robbins split might be because of ping-pong entrepreneur.

Did Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins break up because she had an affair with a ping-pong-playing hipster? Susan is an investor in a Manhattan table tennis club called Spin, and rumors are flying that she's involved with one of the club's co-owners, 31-year-old Jonathan Bricklin. GASP.

When Susan and Tim announced last week that they had broken up after 21 years and two kids, we were sad. Frankly, it kind of ruined our Christmas. And we were hoping that the reason for the breakup was just that they grew apart, as couples can do, but now we're hearing that Susan might be involved with Bricklin, whom she hired last year to film a documentary for Tim's 50th birthday. Open Relationship Dos and Dont's

There's no real backup to support a Sarandon-Bricklin liaison, and in fact Jonathan told Page Six earlier this year that Susan is just a "friend and business partner," but in the absence of any other explanation for the Sarandon-Robbins split, gossipeuses bored with the slow holiday week are jumping on the connection. We kind of want there to be a reason for a couple as lovely as Susan and Tim to break up, not just an explanation that reveals them to be human and prone to outgrowing their significant others just like any of us slobs.

And after all, if she'd go for Justin Timberlake, it seems like a short leap to this marginally older ping-pong guy. Although it's still weird, and will make watching Bull Durham totally melancholy now. (The following video is the hottest scene in movie history. And ever so NSFW.)

Via Celebitchy and Gawker. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.