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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Sex Advice

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Two lists down... so many more to go. While you may now consider yourself an expert on both dating and the male mind, since we shared with you our favorite feeds, you've still got a lot to learn about getting down and dirty. The 10 tweeps in today's top 10 are well-known in the sex-positive world. They are sex educators and erotica writers. They are therapists and advice columnists. They are pornographers and sex acitivists, and they have the lowdown on how everything works down there. So quit blushing and click the follow button.

1. @jamye

A sex educator and regular Playgirl writer with several books and films under her belt, and a penchant for glitter eyeshadow, Jamye Waxman tweets what many would consider to be TMI. But her openness and sense of humor when it comes to sex somehow makes us all want to sit down and discuss our latest vibrator session.

Sample Tweet: still learning what's appropriate to say and where to look at a nudist resort.

2. @raquelita

Rachel Kramer Bussel is known for her cupcake blog, but she also has a strong place in the female-friendly sex scene. She is a contributing editor at Penthouse, has edited a large number of erotica anthologies (we recommend Peep Show!), and has shared her sexual wisdom in an innumerable amount of other publications. She also hosts the monthly In The Flesh erotic reading series in NYC. Keep up on all of her personal projects via her Twitter feed! Confessions of an Erotica Writer

Sample Tweet: So, um, my boobs are being cast tonight! 7:30-10 @weloveshag, 108 Roebling at N. 6th (2 blocks fr Bedford L), $5. Champagne + cupcakes!

3. @DrDickSexAdvce

Dr. Richard Wagner is a clinical sexologist and sex and relationship counselor based in Seattle, and the author of a very sexy advice column. Find links to his column and plenty of naughty conversation on his Twitter feed.

Sample Tweet: met so many fine people at @cunningminx par-tay yesterday. and each one is a bigger pervert than me. how is that possible?

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4. @TristanTaormino

Best known in more "mainstream" circles for her books that teach beginners about "backdoor" sex, Taormino has a number of other sexual self-help books out in stores, edits an erotica series and runs her own adult film production company. There's more, but why ruin it for you? She tweets regularly about her multiple projects, making us wonder how she has the time to actually get busy. Backdoor Sex For Beginners

Sample Tweet: Thrilled that Rough Sex has been selected for @cinekink; scene w/@satinephoenix & @dpiercexxx will screen Feb. 20 in NYC!

5. @BetterSexTips

Sex therapist Michael Smith provides a running feed of sex tips for those looking to improve the performance of their horizontal mambo.

Sample Tweet: Do you have a #sex problem, or is it a time problem? Make time for at least 2 sessions of sex activity per week. An hour of pleasure, ok?

6. @mysexprofessor

Dr. Debby Herbenick is a sex researcher, columnist and blogger, and we're a huge fan of her book Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction. We follow her for her great advice, fascinating links and occasional cute quotes.

Sample Tweet: Just another morning spent reassuring a stranger, via email, that his ejaculatory volume seems normal for his age.

7. @susiebright

Susie Bright is a shining star in the feminist, sex-positive universe, with appearances in just about every medium out there (books, television, radio, classrooms, etc.) She rewards her Twitter followers with info-heavy links. Prude To Nude: Learning To Love My Womanly Parts

Sample Tweet: The Biggest Trends in Sex This Year: A Few Beasts and One Beauty

8. @TheBacchanalian

Mark Zedler contains multitudes: He describes himself as a sex blogger, swinger, taboo buster, tantra practitioner and more. We love following him for his omg sex facts, smart quotes and links to sex-related news items.

Sample Tweet: "To hear religious people talk one would think God created the torso head legs and arms but the devil slapped on the genitals"~Don Schrader

9. @thesexademic

This sex ed teacher fills our feed with links to blog posts and news items, and funny sex-related moments from her life. We wish she was our teacher back in high school. We got the gym teacher with the creepy moustache.

Sample Tweet: When I asked my date what I should do while he cooks dinner, he said "Teach me about sex so my ignorant ass doesn't offend you again." Oops.

10. @BunniesnBees

This NSFW masochist has a seemingly insatiable sexual appetite and is all too willing to share snippets of her sexual enounters. Her tweets are just a brief glimpse into her life. Check out her blog for more in-depth descriptions. Fetishes Make The World Go Round

Sample Tweet: Got choked last night during sex. Hard. Love the bruised collarbone feeling the next say. Seriously. I keep rubbing it. Mmm #goodpain

Honorable Mention: @SFSI

We tried to fill our list with sexy individuals, but we felt this San Francisco-based organization deserved a mention. San Francisco Sex Information trains sex educators, and also operates a free information and referral switchboard. Their Twitter feed is filled with always-good-to-know sex facts and helpful tips.

Sample Tweet: Did you know that it's common to have sexual fantasies that you have no interest in actually acting out?

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