Twitter Top 10: Guys To Follow For Love Advice


Just the other day, we shared with you the 10 tweeps (plus one!) you should follow on Twitter for all your dating advice needs. That list was pretty incredible, but we're not done. Oh no. Twitter has too much to offer! Today, we present you with the top 10 guys you should be following on Twitter: guys who tweet about love, dating, relationships and the bro code. Because sometimes it's nice to have that demystifying male perspective. Without further ado:

1. @factsnfriction

A UK-based blogger who writes about life at university, and the acts of debauchery that sometimes occur there, Jake Holden's mischievous and often naughty tweets make it impossible for us to look away.

Sample Tweet: Mmmm, distracting the girlfriend from her revision with dirty texts. So much fun.

2. @Tenacious_Ken

Ken, a self-described (non-threatening) perv, tweets about his everyday fantasies—always lustful and amusing—and also links out smart, witty sex advice.

Sample Tweet: I've never been to heaven. But if God knows his shit like I think he does, it's filled with hot female bartenders.

3. @PMFoutofwater

Fish is the creator of plentymorefishoutofwater, an Englishman's guide to dating and social etiquette. We obviously adore the boys across the pond, but his Brit status isn't the only reason we've included him on this list. Fish's tweets about his quest to find love—he most recently went out with another dating blogger!—are an interesting view into the male mind. Twitter Flirting Rules

Sample Tweet: Just want to find a girl who likes watching snooker. And cooking. Is that too much to ask for?

4. @thedatingdoctor

Peter Spalton (oddly enough, another Brit; we swear it's just a coincidence) is a writer, speaker and dating doctor, and considers himself an expert on "flirting, body language, [and the] psychology of seduction." His feed contains a rich variety of quotes, links to love advice and even story prompts. What You Must Know About Flirting and Seduction

Sample Tweet: Finished first part of my erotic short story, 2000 words so far. Not easy to do soft & sexy, easier to do hard & pornographic. #amwriting

5. @RelationshipAid

Rich Nicastro is a New Mexico-based psychologist and relationship coach who tweets love advice, quotes and questions.

Sample Tweet: "Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit." ~Peter Ustinov

6. @theRORguy

Kevin Decker, based in Charlotte, NC, aims to help you receive a generous return on your relationships (ROR). He does so by tweeting love quotes and links to sound marriage/love advice.

Sample Tweet: Want a better Marriage? Marriage has no guarantees. If that's what you're looking for, go live with a car battery. ~E. Bombeck

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