What It's Like To Write Erotic Stories For A Living

There's no doubt that we've all had at least one hair-pulling, sheet-gripping sexual experience in our lives that was so hot it replayed itself over and over in our minds. Or maybe we've daydreamed about a few tricks we'd never actually try in the bedroom, but definitely don't mind fantasizing about (50 Shades girls, you know what's up).

But what if turning those super sexy romps into erotic stories was your career? Cue Rachel Kramer Bussel, the talented author and editor of steamy erotic stories such as Yes, Sir and Dirty Girls. She reveals what we're all dying to know about the secret world of the erotica writer. Where do these stories come from? Has she really tried THAT?

It's impossible not to be curious. We know we're not the only ones who have wanted a glimpse into the secret (and oh so scandalous) world that is erotica; we're definitely going to need some answers. If you've been craving a relationship like 50 Shades of Grey's Ana and Christian, you may want to take some notes. Just because the characters are fictional doesn't mean that you can't get some inspiration. We're totally down for throwing some much needed passion and intimacy into our own sex lives.