Good Advice On Bad Sex Advice


Jezebel is sick of sexperts. We may agree.

The sassy, saucy vixens over at Jezebel have A) totally had it with the word 'sexpert;' B) think sexpertise has totally become cliché; and C) think sexpertise usually misses the mark, like Jared Leto and the g-spot. This time around they've heard just about enough of Yvonne K. Fulbright from FoxNews.

Evidently, Fulbright's 10 most egregious boudoir mistakes didn't quite cut it for them. So they listed their top 5 complaints about the list. More accurately they listed their top 3 complaints about the advice, 1 complaint about word choice, and about Fulbright's cheeser, stock-y publicity photo. Five is a hard number, but we have to mostly agree with the painted whores on this one. Though our advice wouldn't involve the 'V' word. We prefer to call it a personal massager.

Our additional critique of Fulbright's list include; most dudes prefer their nipples to be left alone (experiment gingerly, if you must) and you sort of have to play it by ear with the teeth during oral issue. Everyone's a critic, everyone's a 'sexpert,' everyone enjoys being spunky, everyone enjoys a little spunk. We miss Sue Johanson already.