Elin Plans To Leave Tiger

Elin & Tiger

But could their marriage have been saved? Our relationship experts weigh in.

Elin has ditched her wedding ring. And some say that was her first real public statement on her husband's affairs. To her skirt-chasing husband, the only thing she allegedly has said..."was that he had better get into therapy — or else," according to a well-placed source said to the New York Post.

Still... Earlier this morning Us Weekly reported that Tiger is holed up in his Yacht with mistress Rachel Uchitel, while Elin is off for the Holidays with the kids and considering signing a deal with (Tiger supporting) Nike's arch nemesis Puma. Poll: Is Elin Nordegren A Hero?

Now we learn from People that Elin's holiday away from Tiger may be of the permanent kind. "She plans to leave Tiger," says a source. And another, "She's made up her mind. There's nothing to think about: he's never going to change."

She's even gone so far as to meet with divorce lawyers, according to RadarOnline.

Questions remain: Could have things turned out differently if Tiger was laid out on a therapist's couch and not on Rachel's lap? Would it be possible for this old dog to really change his philandering ways? Is this marriage truly beyond repair? What really would have to happen in therapy to patch things up between the two? Discuss: Can Elin & Tiger's Marriage Be Saved?

Everyone has an opinion on the marriage between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. From Eliot Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupre on The View to Hugh Hefner's latest blonde bunny on FOX news, these opinions can hardly be called "expert."

Interested in what the real professionals have to say about the Woods' marriage? Below, three YourTango Experts weigh in.

Jim Rogers
Heart Coach

Are they ready for therapy?
I  believe that they are not yet ready for exercises at all. The public nature of this will make things much more difficult for both of them unless he has been completely transparent with his wife about every last detail and woman he was involved with.

What's your advice to Tiger and Elin?
My advice to Tiger is to take a serious moral inventory, look at his childhood wounds, heal any that need to be healed, begin to make corrections to his character issues, learn to be totally transparent to his wife and to others (eschew any secrecy in his life) and take some time grow as a person, not a public figure.

To Elin, learn that someone in his position is going to come with baggage and that while this is not license for his behaviors, that this is part of the territory. In addition, she is best served to learn, understand, and practice forgiveness. She needs to know that her pain is understood. She needs to choose which is more important to her, anger and getting even by leaving, or healing and working with her husband to rebuild a marriage and re-establish a commitment.

Can their marriage be saved?
It seems that the marriage of Tiger and Elin has strong elements of the appearance of being a business deal. If the two of them treat their marriage like a transaction, then their marriage is more than likely beyond repair. However, whether it is or not is absolutely up to them.