Michael Jackson's Homoerotic Child/Angel Painting

Michael Jackson, Idealized

Pop star strikes classic David pose while multi-racial baby boy cherubs place garlands in his hair.

This is how Michael Jackson saw himself: Alabaster white, rippling abs, fit to assume the position of Michelangelo's David, and with a host of cherubic multi-racial little boys flitting around his near-naked self with garlands of flowers in their hands.

"He thought it was great with a little 'tongue-in-cheek' flavor," said David Nordahl to the New York Post, the artist behind Michael, one of many life-sized oil-on-canvas works commissioned for the gloved-one for no less than $150,000.

In other canvases, Jackson is portrayed as King Arthur, a superhero, an angel, and even — you guessed it — some sort of Peter Pan incarnation that included sister Janet painted in as a miniature fairy.

Head on over to PopEater.com for a gander. And if you got $250 to burn, check out the other paintings in the 250-page Michael Jackson Opus: The Ultimate Celebration of an Icon, released by Kraken Opus this week.

Photo via Michael Jackson Opus. Scoop via PopEater.com.